Started in May of 2006 with an operating authority. Titus Trucking’s founder was on active duty in the Navy, after receiving an honorable discharge, Titus Johnson envisioned a company that would provide reliable logistics to area businesses. Owner Titus Johnson purchased his first truck in 2006 and Titus trucking was born.



The mission of Titus Trucking is to provide accurate on time deliveries that are reliable and trustworthy. We have the responsibility too our customers to make sure that every delivery is up to our customer's standards and we make sure that we able to meet those requirements every time.


  • Follow and maintain the highest industry standards
  • Invest in the latest technologies tio improve our efficiencies and to keep costs down
  • Implement the most strigent saftey standards making saftey a top priority
  • Making environmental concerns a top proirity foolowing industry guidelines to help protect our planet
  • Creating an employee centered environment focusing on training and engagement
  • Providing the highest quality of transportation services to all our clients

Always learning

At Titus Trucking we are always learning. We have years of knowledge concerning trucking and transportation and we don't let that stop our learning. We are fully committed to expanding our knowledge to further serve our customers/

Latest Technology

We incorporate the latest technology to ensure that our LTL reefer loads are safe and protected. Our technology innovations help us to protect our clients freight and to help us deliver it on time and responsibly.

Safety & Quality

At Titus Trucking Safety is a major concern. Our Reefer trucks and other freight loads can contain dangerous materials and we make sure that every precaution is taken to prevent any types of disaster.

Care for Environment

The environment is very important to us. We are fortunate for the world that we have and Titus Trucking does it's part to ensure that our environment is safe and protected.

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

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