Company History

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Titus Trucking was created to provide reliable transportation solutions. We dedicate all our time and energy to serving our customers with modern logistics solutions. We have state-of-the-art logistics services to meet the ever growing demand for transportation.

  • 2005 Titus Trucking Purchases First Truck

    Titus trucking purchases first Truck. Titus Trucking begins.

  • 2006 Founder Titus Johnson decidied to take a break to learn more about the trucking industry so that he could provide a better service.

    Started in May of 2006 with an operating authority. Titus Trucking’s founder was on active duty in the Navy, after receiving an honorable discharge, Titus Johnson envisioned a company that would provide reliable logistics to area businesses.

  • 2014 Expanding Our Services

    It was decided that offering reefer LTL services with the values of honor, courage and commitment to our customer. “Transportation can be chaotic at times, Titus Trucking helps to control the chaos.”

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