Contract Logistics


Reefer LTL trucking over the road at Titus Trucking

Contract logistics allows us to outsource resource management. We leverage the resources of our company and our trusted partners to serve you better. We design and and plan supply chains, design facilities, design warehousing, etc.

Your Benefits

There are many benefits to contract logistics. We offer a complete and comprehensive solution. We utilize industry leading technology and the have a large distribution network.

  • Full documentation for all import/export
  • Assembly and installation, reapair, packing, invoicing, quality control, and quality assurance
  • Inventroy control, reording protocols, and stocktaking
  • Product warehousing in secure and safe facilities
  • Distribution of orders throughout the United States and the world
  • pick and pack order fulfilment
  • Ticketing, packing, and labeling for all market items
  • Consulting for all logisitics and facilities management

We can manage a wide range of goods and services
  • Books/publishing/magazines
  • Electrical/computing
  • Consumables
  • Printing
  • Music/videos/DVDs/gaming
  • Variety stores
  • Footwear/apparel
  • Health food consumables
  • Cosmetics
  • Stationery


  • Textile Logistics

    Textile Logistics

  • Retail Logistics

    Retail Logistics

  • Oil & Gas Logistics

    Oil & Gas Logistics

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